Sons of Liberty - Patriot Blue

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A time before the United States existed, a time when we were subjects of a King across an ocean. The Sons of Liberty operated in the shadows, leaving secret signals, passing hidden messages, and meeting in the dead of night. However, people soon rallied with them, and their cause to resist British oppression quickly spread throughout the colonies.

Join us as we commemorate this first group of Patriots with the return of our acclaimed Sons of Liberty Playing Cards in an all new colorway. The tuck box is among the most exquisite we’ve ever produced, featuring sculptural embossing in both bronze and pewter foil. The cards themselves feature a plethora of masonic imagery, a Liberty Tree ace of spades, and a tax stamp seal. A handful of the Son’s most patriotic members are represented on the court cards in 18th century style etching. Furthermore, the stock itself has undergone our unique crushing procedure, in order to guarantee a thin and snappy deck that handles magnificently.  

For the revolutionary, the history buff, or the everlasting patriot, these cards are a necessity in the hands of those who raise the flag and embody the spirit of a better tomorrow.

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Produktnavn Sons of Liberty - Patriot Blue
Produktnummer DaDSoLPatBLU
Vekt 0.2000
Produsent United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)
Merke Dan & Dave
Farge Blå
Materiale Plastbelagt
Kortstørrelse 63 mm x 88 mm (Poker)
Index Regular index, 2 corner
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